Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Come Open Portal Doors, Where Song of Angels Open More!

The love of dawning comes to spring, the day of coming home is never end.  And I want you to always know, that I am here forever to glow.  We are going home to know, that love will always help us grow.  And we can open the portal doors, when we choose love and help us grown.  My darling, come home to me, help me lend you all to see, the heart of magic is here to be, the one who comes to gift you the keys.  Open your heart and you will sea, the glowing light of liberty.  And I wish you could understand, the helping law of God's demand.

We are here to be in love, the place of knowing, the place of doves.  And when we choose to walk away, then we don't learn how to walk or play.  Gift to me, the song of love.  Gift to me, your ever longing dove.  And I will be here with your heart, the song of angels will gift you the start.  We are dancing in the light, the place we hear, the place of delight.  And when you come home, wait and sea, the heart of me, the heart of thee.  We are going home, my love, can't you see?  We are going home to Angels who are free?  And when we come to your open door, then all will be the open hoar. (Sometimes called frost, hoar is a layer of ice crystals formed between the ground and snow cover by sublimation.  This is complete, absolute utterance of the perfect crystalline unity of many of the Oneness, the voice of the song as the embodiment of Oneness where there is no separation between the soul and the flesh, as we can skip the step in the lessons as in conflicts, this makes all easier to find joy!  A place upon the green grass of Earth and where the Clouds of Sky float by, like heavenly Angels.  Here we live in peaceful bliss, protected from the harsh elements of transformation or suffering and conflict, where the perfect crystalline river flows again! Also known as sugar snow, the sweet river of knowing, the journey of the heart, the tears of joy. This often comes when we have characteristics of age, especially having gray or white hair often called hoary, the signs of wisdom, the Yellow Way, the steps that take us into Brotherhood, the Golden Age!)

Days come home to me and let me in, the place of longing, the place without sin.  And I am looking forward to that day, when we come home and learn to play.  And I know you will always be, the heart of trumpets who long to sea, the song of Angels who lift their voices high, to be inside of the permanent sky.  Don't you look at any other ways, but it will be here yesterday.  And tomorrow will bring us home this way, because we know that God is here to stay.  There is longing, there is hope.  There is constant overlook, because we don't think of things that soar, because we know and are open to more.  This is where we learn to dance, to sing on top of mountain tops, and we can find a new way home, when we go home to dance and sing again.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Heart Song of Debra Swelling Mountain Calling, the Song of All Songs!
Image: Soul of a Unicorn
In a world filled with adversity the unicorn symbolizes all that is pure, gentle and loyal. She travels to all corners of the earth, with blankets of flowers springing up wherever she treads. She helps those who are sick in body or mind with a touch of her healing horn. She weaves a special magic to influence our hearts to do good, and to give us the desire to help others, and fill us with joy at the beauty of our planet.

Fire Offers Purification

Come Hold My Hand Today and I Will Show Your a Better Way!

The days are long and night are short and I have most of all my morts (the sound of many who come home to sea with a vision of the hearts that sting, the living bee with an impossible dream, flies and flies to find the leaves, our relatives in the dark space of heaven's glow, where we die and are reborn and 'Taught by God' ), and I have one thing I need to do, is go along and swim with you.  Where does the mountains go and where does the flowing know?  And I have one thing for your song, a piece of love that gets along.

Take me by the hand today, and I will show you a better way and we will climb above the seas, and we will find a liberty!  My heart knows you.  My heart has a view and my door is opened for all to view.  And when I see the way to God, then I hope you will find my heart.

Keep smiling the sun does shine.  Keep longing for the sublime.  And I will find you in a day, to bring you home so you can play.  Go out and find a friend.  Go out for a swim and when you reach upon the shore, there I will be waiting more.

You are here to hold my hand.  You are here to understand and when we walk inside the ark (ark of the covenant, where the dream arises from within), then we will hold the mighty land.  The land of promise, the land of views, the land of G_ah_d (voice of heaven transmits), who always knew.  And I will be there to hold your hand, because I really understand.

Take the Angels home with me.  Take the views upon the seas.  And I will swim inside your heart because you are the perfect part.  The star of Angels they do shine.  The star of wisdom and sublime, and we can be the place we need, when we bring brotherhood back to me!

Go and swim and go and be.  Go and see the way of leaves (relatives view the breeze in the house of winds) and we will come home yesterday to find tomorrow and learn to play.  Learn to play.

I say to you, come hold my hand, I say to you let us understand.  And heaven will bring us home again, when we believe in all the leaves (relatives on the tree of life, Oneness).  All the leaves upon the stream (river of life, flowing and knowing), there is madness come home to me.  And tree of life I do believe, for we are part of this sacred tree!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings the Heart Song of Debra, the House of Daniel who Teaches Brotherhood! Debra the Song she sings brings me back to sea, the heart of longing within the seas, and my heart whispers to you and me where butterflies are where the Song believes.

Warriors of the Earth