Sunday, December 13, 2009

Touch the Sky and Survive, the Red Wave that Hits our Eyes!

How can I touch the sky (the Red Heavens)?  How can I be the wise?  How can the world survive, if I love you?  I know there is majesty in all the sacred leaves and I will be with you inside the quaking view.  And when the Earth trembles, my heart will follow yours, because I love you so, my great delight I know.

We are the ones who view, the place of all the shoes, as we walk hand in hand to travel over the land (the Red Road).  We are the few who know the heart of all the show and we the Rainbow Clan, will watch over you. Will watch over you!

Earth tone, now moving into heaven's tone!

We are here to bee (impossible flight), the heart of all the leaves (relatives).  We will share all of your pain.  We will show you to gain.  Be patient and love the law, the law of God know how, to be the loving ground.  The will of the sea. 

Open your eyes and see the world, the place God gifts and fills.  We are the chosen ones, who will follow you.  We are the heart of thine, the trusted heart of mine, because we are this way, the sacred display of love this day.  And I say, "Come home to me."  Come home and feel the breeze, the place God gifts to thee, the house where Lions are free, and lambs will lay their heads inside the roaring pledge that Rainbow gift our lives and hearts that grow inside.

Take your soul and run with me to the place of divinity to carry us forward to home, the place God gifts us to roam.  And I will bee with you, inside the sacred view, the place of majesty, the palace God's gifts to thee.  We are the perfect heart, that longs to take a dart and to aim for the paradise, the promise of our life. 

Give me your hand and join with hearts, give me your love and of course let's dance.  Come home to paradise the place we dreamed our lives.  Come home to yesterday, the eternal dance we play.  We are going home, the place we do roam.  Our hearts have a home, and it's where we roam.  And I say, follow me, where love and divinity will carry us through the night and wake up from fright.  And dreams will be fulfilled, when we gather on the hill.  To be the heart of one, the relative who comes home!

Sung by "White Buffalo Calf Woman", the Crystal Elder, who shares the heart of "Song of all Songs", the Golden Warrior, who brings the heart of loving arms, the hug of the eternal love's embrace.  Come home to offer us the place, to share our wisdom and our grace! The sacred place...within our souls, to sing and dance and share always!

Warriors of the Earth  

She tells a story every time, of who we are and that we do shine! Don't you sea, the well of me, the one who seeks divinity. We are the heart of you and me, the longing of the sacred breeze. And when you show your will today, to long for eternal better days, then I will know you are here to say, "Come Home to the Brotherhood, who knows!" We the Rainbow Warriors who do know the heart of Rainbows who do show, that the will of God is here to bring the many blessed gifted things. Give your hands and bend your bow and you will sea, the light from thee! Be a bee, and let it bind, the impossible dream is here to shine.