Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Call of Brotherhood Bows Like a Rainbow!'t find a river, it's so wide and full, it's gonna be there, whether it's dry or full, take a hand, and understand, that God is running free upon the land.

Can't find the river, that flows so fast, because I am caught up inside the draft and we are gonna be part of everything, because that's the place that we do dream.

Harry ("home ruler") is going to be, the heart of me, the beginning of the tribulations, that bring us spring, and when the flowers bloom and get cause in the rain, there the seed will ponder on everything.  Where does the roots go, and make a fall, the belonging of yesterday, comes into halls.  the majestic beauty we long to sea, the heart of beginning in you and me.

There I will be with you throughout time, but you need to rescue, all that blind.  My mission is to follow you, to bring you home when you are lost without clues.  There is my heartbreak, when you do fall, down in the valleys that's my call, and I will be rushing like a river fall, to hold the breaking of that fall.

But then you wonder, what rivers are for?  I say, it's the open door. the green grass does give us a new home at last, where we can swim really fast.  We are here to be, in paradise, to be the falling of your vice, the next generation that brings us buds, the new blossoms who learn to judge.

I have to be with all of you , for you are the brotherhood, who needs more clues, and we can be part of all that swims, if we remember the fish lets in, the seeds of tomorrow, the seeds that begin, the swimming of  a morrow, that swells and begins. the life of a small one, who is petrified, but if we are together, we will be hive.

Sow, plant your seeds and watch them grow, to be the tall and mighty oak, there my heart, will swell up and fall, to be like a rainbow, that has a call.

Sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother (crystal person) for the heart of "Swelling Mountain Calling, your Song of all Songs", the golden star, who calls the song, to bring us home again!

*tabernacle, residence or dwelling place, for divine presence, tents (three sides of joy and movement, the traveler),

The Tabernacle (Hebrew משכן, mishkan, "residence" or "dwelling place"), according to the Hebrew bible/Old Testament, was the portable dwelling place for the divine presence from the time of the Exodus from Egypt through the conquering of the land of Canaan. Built to specifications revealed by God to Moses at Mount Sinai, it accompanied the Israelites on their wanderings in the wilderness and their conquest of the Promised Land, and was eventually placed in the First Temple in Jerusalem, which superseded it as the dwelling-place of God among the Israelites. It is not mentioned after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians.

The fullest description of the Tabernacle describes an inner shrine (Holy of Holies) housing the Ark and an outer chamber (Holy Place), with a golden lampstand, table for show bread, and altar of incense. This description is generally identified as part of the Priestly source, written in the 6th or 5th century BC. Many scholars contend that it is of a far later date than Moses, and that the description reflects the structure of the Temple of Solomon, while some hold that the description derives from memories of a real pre-monarchic shrine, perhaps the sanctuary at Shiloh. An earlier, pre-exilic source describes the Tabernacle as a simple tent-sanctuary.

Warriors of the Earth  
She tells a story every time, of who we are and that we do shine! Don't you sea, the well of me, the one who seeks divinity. We are the heart of you and me, the longing of the sacred breeze. And when you show your will today, to long for eternal better days, then I will know you are here to say, "Come Home to the Brotherhood, who knows!" We the Rainbow Warriors who do know the heart of Rainbows who do show, that the will of God is here to bring the many blessed gifted things. Give your hands and bend your bow and you will sea, the light from thee! Be a bee, and let it bind, the impossible dream is here to shine.