Sunday, December 6, 2009

Song of All Song Sings Come and Walk and Talk With Me, in the Garden Pure

Howling Wolf on Mountain Peak Photo (42-16471252)

Walking and talking is where we are to be, the heart of all the Songs of God is here to be with me and I can fly into the moon and show the world of love, the place we started from the place we sing from above.

Come and be the majesty of all the world to bee (the impossible flight), the making of a rainbow, is here to be with me.  And I can feel the sky at night setting me free, and if you would follow me, into the land of free.

We are going home, to the place we always dreamed.  We are feeling hope when others dare not roam, and I will hold your hand this day, to bring you home to me and we shall go on a merry go round, for all to see and bee.

Come and be the hearth of love the place we dreamed this night, the day of dawning has come home, to a place where there is flight.  And I know it's a dream inside, the place we dare not roam, but we need to follow home, the place our hearts do roam.

Come be the laughter in all you do and say.  Come and a be a miracle the place we do play.  And think of yourself as majesty on top of the mountain pure, because we are the crystal home, the place of god for sure.

There we go sliding down the river of pure majesty.  We are going home this day, to be with God we share (of divinity).  and I say Lords awaiting, for things to change down here, when we follow our hearts this day, when we follow god for sure.

Come and walk and talk with me, in the garden pure. Come and be the hand of love, that shares the embrace of love and I will be waiting for you to come on home.  Because my family needs me, because I am home for sure.

Don't you look out over the seas, from the this mountaintop, don't you see the miracles that land inside your heart.  Don't you know the song that grows, the place we dreamed for sure, and we are going home this day, if God will hold you doir (the style of freedom, "golden"). I want you to walk and talk the land of paradise.  I want you to be the grand big store of all you know.  I want you to understand, that God is inside of you, and all you need this day is love inside of you to be free.

Wake up and slide down the mountain top to see, wake up and be the love, the love of destiny and we are going home this day, because it's planned this way, and we are going home this time, the grandest show of earth.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings the Heart Song for Song of All Songs, with Drumming by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, the unification of hearts

Warriors of the Earth  

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